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The need for an intuitive astrologer has never been greater because we are fractured in community and family.  People need to feel grounded and oriented. To feel seen, heard, wanted, loved understood. We’re living in programmed automaton land.  Uniqueness isn’t celebrated in the matrix. Nor is looking inward, which is why it is important to examine the self in order to elevate humanity.

Astrology Readings

My natal chart readings focus on self-awareness, learning and accepting who you are, and understanding the direction you’re meant to head in life. I also look at challenges you face, your gifts and talents that support you through more challenging aspects, and how you can utilize them to your benefit.

Clairvoyant Readings

A psychic reading to tap into any area of life where you’d like to have greater clarity. I go into a meditative state and read your energy through my third eye. I describe how people feel, what issues are blocking them, relationship difficulties, what is going right, and what works favorably. I also provide wise and practical steps to help you move forward with reassurance.


AstroClairvoyant Readings

I combine a psychic reading with basic knowledge of your natal chart and particular transits that may be affecting you at the time. This reading is for people interested in learning about their astrology chart and having an in-depth look into their energy at the moment, and gain clarity about current life issues.

About Astrological Readings

Child Readings

Common Questions

I love helping people, am unassuming, have provided value to my clients, and have been told by more than one reader that I have the gift.

The tools have always been available to study the self through the stars. They were developed thousands of years ago and have been improved upon through time. Knowledge is power. The more knowledge you have about yourself, the more powerful you will be in your life. All you need is an open mind, the will to understand and improve upon your life, and an intuitive and skilled astrologer.

Those who create the artificial schedules and timelines in this modern-day world would convince you that astrology is silly and inconsequential. That is because it threatens the energy pattern they want to overlay onto you to take your energy and keep you from yours.

“The stars incline, but they do not compel.” – Claudius Ptolemy

What is an ‘astrological reading’?

The second a baby is born, the position of celestial bodies determines characteristics of that child. That snapshot, or chart, provides a guide to that person’s personality, insight into their gifts and talents, and challenges they might face. As a child grows, she may seek answers to why her life is the way it is and want clarity to create a more abundant and enjoyable life. Astrology provides a map for working with energies available to that particular person to step into their lives more fully and with awareness.

In prehistoric times, people didn’t have television; if they weren’t communing around a campfire, they paid attention to the night sky. They noticed cycles and patterns. Just as events in the world – weather, seasons, sunsets, tides – became associated with the zodiac, so did human temperaments, preferences, gifts, and personalities. This body of knowledge has become increasingly intricate. Eventually, the zodiac symbols themselves became reflective of people born under a given sign.

Archeological evidence from caves and animal remains suggests that humans have tracked celestial events and astrology for thousands of years. The ancient Sumerians went a step further and began to record the planets and stars’ movements. Around 700 B.C., the Babylonians created the zodiac wheel we use today.

It depends on the reader. Many people will swear by their readings; others not so much.

Astrology was considered a science for centuries. It wasn’t until the Renaissance and Reformation that astrology began to be considered less scientific. Even then, elites continued to use it as a guide and tool.

In the last couple of centuries, astrology became more widely popular once again. Today, it is easy to follow. With so much content about it on the internet, it inspires people about themselves. It provides excitement about what’s to come and reassurance that life’s challenges have a rhythm and rhyme.

What people who are new to astrology worry about the most is if it’s true or not and if it predicts the future. The reason they worry is deep down they fear the negative side to their sign’s personality, if they will live up to the good stuff, and it’s a fortune telling tool that predicts negative events. Astrology is a system that leads people through self-exploration and understanding. What better way to help us avoid unwanted negative experiences is there than to examine the pitfalls of our star sign so we can work to change those aspects of ourselves that most likely work against us.

The short answer to this question is ‘no’ – astrology does not predict the future. It can offer insight into beneficial and challenging times in the future, but not specific enough to predict anything. An astrologer can give you an idea about your life areas that may come under overhaul or profound reflection. Still, lottery winnings, marriages, divorces and children cannot be accurately predicted.

Astrology is used to discover compatibility between people through comparing charts, but it does not determine if someone is your soulmate. I prefer to guide people to use their intuition to determine if someone is interested in them if they are interested in that person, and if so if the person is a good match for them based on how they make them feel. After that process, looking at the chart or relationship clairvoyantly is a good way to see if the relationship will work and if so, how well.

Intuition comes from feeling. It’s when you know something to be true based on how you feel. We live in a rational world that rewards logic over emotions, so it’s no surprise that people doubt their feelings and instead seek answers outside of themselves or trust their minds over their hearts and gut feelings. Intuition can be as simple as choosing to wear an outfit based on how the color makes you feel or following a pull to try a new way home that might protect you from a traffic jam or an accident. It is the act of listening to your feelings. When you don’t listen to your intuition, in retrospect, people often regret it. I advise people to learn from those regrets and begin listening to their feelings.

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Kate did a past life reading for me during a difficult time in my life. I was completely blown away by what I received. Kate provided me with two in-depth past life readings that accurately explained several relationships in my current life. She offered so much detail and depth that it was immediately helpful to my current situation in life. Because of her reading, I moved on with parts of my life that I felt I was stuck in. Not only did she provide me with solutions to past problems, but she gave me strategies to help me move forward in my current situations. I would gladly call these readings life-changing most positively. I highly recommend Kate's services in any capacity as she is exceptionally talented. I will definitely be working with her again soon.
I had a great reading, full of valuable insights I keep returning to. The process was plain and professional. I haven't had an astrologer provide a reading to me before, but you can tell when you're being provided a valuable service. I would recommend Kate (Gypsy Oracle) to anybody.
Thanks for the report. It was wonderful. Putting aside any personal reflection for now, I foremost want to say that your writing description and ability to verbalize the flow of impressions was truly uplifting to my spirit. The flow of your words themselves are artistic and offered an immediate connection over and above the information conveyed within. Your writing is a gift you possess ( Moon in 3rd House trine Sun in 10th House) that you have somehow located and connected to amongst the many other aspects demanding attention in your natal chart. It is an innovative ability that is always there for the taking and is where you belong ( in a creative business career) but you must come out into the world with much affection

Where I Work

I operate out of upstate North Carolina, near the psychic vortex that is Asheville.

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